How to Choose an Infrared Heater P1

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How to Choose an Infrared Heater P1

How to Choose an Infrared Heater P1

How to Choose an Infrared Heater P1

Unlike other supplemental heating appliances, infrared heaters do not heat large quantities of air, but instead, they emit infrared radiation that only warms the objects the radiation touches. The physics involved is similar to the way sunlight warms objects, which means there is a natural feel to being warmed by the heat from an infrared space heater.

How to Choose an Infrared Heater P1

The Advantages of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters can be a more energy-efficient option than many other space heaters, and because they do not move large quantities of air around, they don't dry out the air excessively or move dust around, as, for example, a forced air heating system does.

They are also considerably safer than other types of space heaters since the heating coils do not become ultra hot. They have gained popularity of late as an efficient form of zone heating to keep a room, space or zone warm and comfortable.

There is a tendency to measure infrared heater efficiency in terms of how quickly a heater heats a room, but some portable heaters can heat up a room just as quickly, so there's more to consider when it comes to efficiency.  And though infrared heating technology is known to be efficient when compared to some other forms of electric heat, there is a lack of sound testing data of infrared heaters to quantify this efficiency. You should be careful about exorbitant claims of energy savings with an infrared heater. While they certainly do consume less energy than some other electric radiant heaters, the actual energy saved needs to be measured in terms of kilowatt hours used to heat the space.

Consumers should consider several aspects and features, before buying an infrared heater to make sure they get the best value and buy the best infrared heater for the space.

This article will focus on electric infrared heaters suitable for indoor home use, but be aware that there are also propane infrared heaters that are often used on outdoor construction sites.

How to Choose an Infrared Heater P1

Energy Efficiency

While we know that infrared heat is an efficient technology, the overall efficiency of the unit depends greatly on how the unit is engineered and constructed.  You should realize some energy savings with an infrared heater, but its construction materials and design will influence how much you'll save. This can be hard to determine with precision since infrared heaters are generally not part of the Energy Star program.

Remember, too, that there is more to energy efficiency than simply energy consumption. The appliances must be disposed of at some time in the future, and they have replacement parts that must be manufactured. Don't assume an infrared is necessarily a "greener" option than other heating appliances.

Be skeptical of marketing claims that an infrared heater will cut your electrical usage in half. Such savings are rarely achieved, even for homeowners who turn down the main heating system and use an infrared heater for zone heating.

And you should not expect any energy savings at all if you are adding a heater without decreasing the consumption of another heating system. But you should see some decrease in electricity use if you are using an infrared heater to warm a room while turning down your more costly whole-home central heating system.

How to Choose an Infrared Heater P1


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